Saturday, 5 November 2011

Button pictures

Further sorting of buttons happened this morning and I managed to take some pictures.

This is my 'before' button stash:

And this is my 'after' button stash:

 Highlights of the new collection:

Push through buttons

Glass buttons

These gorgeous mother-of-pearl buttons

These buttons have the name of the shop on them (from designer clothing?)

These are some sets of buttons I have sorted

All these buttons were given to me earlier this year by a friend who's twin sister had died from leukemia - she passed on all her sister's craft materials including buttons, elastic, embroidery supplies and patterns.  I now have to find good uses for all of these lovely items.

Steve says if I sew a button on something every day then I'd be going for years.  Hmm, that's an idea.  What about National Button Sewing Month - NaBuSeMo.

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