Friday, 18 November 2011

Keeping up with the Jones's

Well, I am certainly not keeping up with this blog!!!  Must try harder...

One of the conversations I have had recently with my fellow mature students is the lack of distinct fashion in modern students.  The fashions worn by people here at University of Worcester are fairly homogenous with no distinct groups.  In our day (i.e. the '80's) there would have been goths, nerds, 'Daddy's got a lot of money' girls/lads in designer gear, hippies and the standard student 'uniform' of Doc Martens, leggings and an oversized jumper.  There would have been a fair number of berets around too!!!

There are people in my lectures with facial piercings and tattoos and a huge range of hair styles and colours but they just don't stand out at all.  Is fashion in general too mixed?  Are tattoos and weird hair just too much of the norm these days?  Has the current trend of individualism just diluted the 'message' that fashion used to state?  Do we not like to belong to a particular group these days?

I am sat here in the library, typing this post wearing a Uni sweatshirt and Blush ears.  That is my fashion statement of today. 

Maybe I can teach the teenagers a thing or two, eh?

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